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Sebastien Hawkes – Brave Vampire

First Appearance: Let’s Play The Sims 3 Midnight Hollow (September, 2013) Born: Unknown location in SimNation Aspiration: Knowledge > Master Vampire Traits: Loves The Outdoors, Snob, Good The Sims 3 Era: One fateful evening, Sebastien was out for a late night stroll and decided to be a bit adventurous. He ventured off the beaten path and found a hidden waterfall.… Continue reading Sebastien Hawkes – Brave Vampire

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Damon Mulligan – Rocker

First Appearance: The Heartbreakers Club (Sept, 2016) Born: San Myshuno Aspiration: Creativity > Musical Genius Traits: Music Lover, Insider, Hot-Headed Damon’s a rising star in the music industry. Cynthia Speer, being as confident as ever, decided to ask him if he wanted to join her growing Heartbreakers Club. Not being one to resist a pretty face, Damon accepted her… Continue reading Damon Mulligan – Rocker

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Strawberry O’Donnell – Perky Pirate

First Appearance: Let’s Play The Sims 3 Island Paradise (July, 2013) Born: Isla Paradiso Aspiration: Love > Serial Romantic Traits: Romantic, Evil, Jealous Strawberry is the second-in-command of a band of pirates…or was, until SimEarth mysteriously reset, dropping her and her brother Randy into Oasis Springs without their ship or their crew. Luckily for them, the local… Continue reading Strawberry O’Donnell – Perky Pirate