Vampires: Episode 6 – BIRTH!

Oops, so this episode got released early by accident. Here’s the synopsis and preview pictures as well as the episode itself!

IT’S GO TIME! – Nadia is ready to give birth! Her and Sebastien rush to Llama Memorial Hospital to welcome their new child into the world! Is it a boy or a girl? What will their name be? Find out in this new episode of Sims 4 Vampires!

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Vampires: Episode 4 – Eternal Love (Preview)

I’ve decided that for each of my Sims 4 let’s play episodes going forward, I’ll be doing a post that have a synopsis, along with some screenshots! I see it being done for my favourite Arrowverse TV shows every week and I thought it’d be fun to do to promote my let’s plays! COFFIN WOOHOO? – The… Continue reading Vampires: Episode 4 – Eternal Love (Preview)

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Sebastien Hawkes – Brave Vampire

First Appearance: Let’s Play The Sims 3 Midnight Hollow (September, 2013) Born: Unknown location in SimNation Aspiration: Knowledge > Master Vampire Traits: Loves The Outdoors, Snob, Good The Sims 3 Era: One fateful evening, Sebastien was out for a late night stroll and decided to be a bit adventurous. He ventured off the beaten path and found a hidden waterfall.… Continue reading Sebastien Hawkes – Brave Vampire