About My Sims

Here you can find links to all the bios I’ve written about my sims, including their history and first appearances in my let’s plays!

About My Let’s Play Shared Universe – SimUniverse: Sims live on SimEarth, stored within our computers. Everything was great, until a global earthquake shook the planet. Then in a flash of light, SimEarth reformed into something almost completely different. Everything now has a more vibrant and cartoony look, but several things are missing. However, some things such as pools, ghosts, restaurants, and more have slowly started returning. What is going on? Maybe one day, they will find out…

All of my Sims 4 let’s plays take place in one unified save, providing many opportunities for series to cross over and affect one another.

Watch my SimUniverse from the beginning:

Damon Mulligan – Rocker 🎸


Strawberry O’Donnell – Perky Pirate 🍓


 Sebastien Hawkes – Brave Vampire 🦇