Sim Bios

Strawberry O’Donnell – Perky Pirate


First Appearance: Let’s Play The Sims 3 Island Paradise (July, 2013)

Born: Isla Paradiso

Aspiration: Love > Serial Romantic

Traits: Romantic, Evil, Jealous

Strawberry is the second-in-command of a band of pirates…or was, until SimEarth mysteriously reset, dropping her and her brother Randy into Oasis Springs without their ship or their crew. Luckily for them, the local bar was just nearby.

One day, that bar was where they ran into Cynthia Speer. She was looking for recruits for her new Heartbreakers Club. Strawberry is always one for adventure, so she jumped at Cynthia’s offer to explore the German town of Windenburg and do what she does best: party, party, party! Who knows what she’ll get up to when they travel to San Myshuno…

Upbeat and energetic, Strawberry rarely slows down. Even Randy has a hard time keeping up with her, but despite his dark heart he loves her all the same. They can be often seen hugging when they’re hanging out in public. Even evil sims can have a soft spot, right?

Going for a jog!
Strawberry and Cynthia hanging out in Windenburg during a club gathering.
Strawberry with her brother Randy at the Lighthouse Restaurant.
Strawberry as she originally appeared in The Sims 3.

Create A Sim/Introduction video for Strawberry (and Randy!) in The Sims 4.

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