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“Missed Opportunity” Collab!

So @pixelunivairse has inspired an amazing collab with many creators attempting to make the items that lost the CAS vote for the upcoming knitting stuff pack! Definitely one of the coolest things I’ve seen come from this community in recent memory.

In this video, I show off @pepperoni-puffin‘s handy index page ( and some of the items already available for download!

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PlantSims, and Mods to Improve Them!

So you may already know that there’s a new challenge that rewards you with the ability to become a PlantSim! An occult in a free update, wow! Here’s an overview:

Unfortunately, most likely since they are being given out for free, they’re very limited compared to their counterparts from Sims 2 and 3. No genetics (so no toddler sprouts), they can only last up to 5 sim days, and both males and females are stuck with the same base game hair. No ability to create a PlantSim in Create A Sim either. However if you use mods, you’re in luck! I found some that can solve all of those problems (save for genetics, I think that’ll be up to Maxis):