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Sebastien Hawkes – Brave Vampire


First Appearance: Let’s Play The Sims 3 Midnight Hollow (September, 2013)

Born: Unknown location in SimNation

Aspiration: Knowledge > Master Vampire

Traits: Loves The Outdoors, Snob, Good

The Sims 3 Era:

One fateful evening, Sebastien was out for a late night stroll and decided to be a bit adventurous. He ventured off the beaten path and found a hidden waterfall. It was there that he fell prey to a vampire. He learned to keep his secret hidden from everyone, while at night embracing his newfound powers.

Sebastien later married the witch Gabriella, who fully accepted him for who he was, fangs and all. They had a child whom they named Nolan. Everything was going great…but then Gabriella’s lust for power overcame her, and she went crazy. Wanting only the best for Nolan, Sebastien took him and fled in their blimp.

Unfortunately, their escape was not completely successful. Gabriella cast a beam of fire at the blimp, utterly destroying it. Thanks to their enhanced strength as vampires, Sebastien and Nolan both survived the crash without being severely hurt. They happened to crash just outside Midnight Hollow, a town known for hosting outcasts from society. The two runaways were welcomed into the community.

Months later while out on a nightly stroll, Sebastien ran into a witch he had never seen before. She hadn’t eaten in days and was very weak. Being the Good soul he is, Sebastien took her in. The witch’s name was Elena, and she had been banished from her home of Dragon Valley for being a witch. A fellow witch named Alice had also grown corrupt and was terrorizing the town. It was only thanks to a time traveller of the Future Protection Agency named Ladford, as well as local law enforcement, that she was overpowered and sent packing. The town decided that all witches were dangerous and to also banish anyone suspected of witchcraft. Sebastien decided that was not right, and let her move in with him and Nolan. Elena ended up starting her own business in town.

Sebastien, Nolan, and Elena living in Midnight Hollow.

Sebastien later found love with a local named Nadia Cho. However, just after their engagement, Gabriella found out where Sebastien had been living all this time. She begged for his love, but he was over her. He was fully committed to Nadia. Elena decided to repay her debt to Sebastien by challenging Gabriella to a duel. If Elena won, Gabriella would have to leave Sebastien alone and never contact him again. After a hard-fought match, Elena emerged victorious.

A while after Sebastien and Nadia married, they all moved to Beach City in search of more business opportunities. Things were going great for them, until something happened that nobody saw coming. Out of nowhere, all of SimEarth started shaking, and the sky started flashing. Nadia panicked, assuming the apocalypse was upon them. She begged Sebastien to turn her into a vampire so that they could survive whatever was approaching, together. Reluctantly, he did the deed just as the entire planet was being blinded in a white light.

The Sims 4 Era:

Then, the flashes receded. SimEarth now had a more cartoony look, some things were added, and some things mysteriously disappeared. In the case for Sebastien and his family, Midnight Hollow survived. However, the town shrunk in size, many of the former residents were replaced by a trio of vampires, and the town’s name was changed to Forgotten Hollow. Elena was nowhere to be seen, but the rest of Sebastien’s family survived, including the newly turned Nadia.

Husband and wife, using their newfound Dark Meditation powers.

A couple of years later, two superheroes visited Forgotten Hollow. One of them turned out to be Ladford, the member of the Future Protection Agency who outed Alice in Dragon Valley, now going by Projector. The Green Llama was accompanying him. Before they could have a meaningful conversation however, they were interrupted by a powerful vampire. He bit into the Green Llama, turning him. Sebastien scolded the vampire’s aggressive behaviour, challenging him to a duel. Unfortunately, not even Sebastien’s powerful new Dark Form was enough to counter the strange vampire’s overwhelming power. The heroes fled the scene, leaving Sebastien to wonder why they even visited their town in the first place.

There’s still a lot Sebastien has to learn about Forgotten Hollow. His new neighbours may be the key to finding out what’s hidden beneath the surface…

Later on, Sebastien would be called to action. There was a potentially global threat unfolding in StrangerVille. Him, Ladford, and Green Llama would help local military man Trencher defeat what was called The Mother. Now he’s one of the founding members of The Syndicate: a superhero group tasked with protecting the world.

Quality time together.
Dark form Sebastien drinking plasma juice, his ideal way to feast.
Seb running into the Green Llama and Projector.
Seb’s unfortunate loss to defending the Green Llama’s honour.

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